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We also include a new feature: an exhaustive index of names other than the ones featuring as independent entries.

Although Many readers responded to our call for this project to become something of a collaborative venture, helped with their knowledge on certain areas, with comments on certain perhaps unduly critical turns of phrase, with otherwise scarce information enabling us to update this project as a whole.

Srinivas (Hyderabad/Bangalore) Research and editorial assistance were generously contributed by Subhash Chheda, Amrit Gangar and their team at Dada Kino, Mumbai, as well as by: Bengali: Amitava Sen (Calcutta), Sanjit Choudhury (Calcutta) Documentary Film: Subhash Chheda, Amrit Gangar (Mumbai) Hindi: Kavita Anand (Mumbai), Ganga Mukhi (Mumbai) Kannada: Pushpamala N. In addition, we should like to thank the Nehru Centre in London, the London International Film Festival, Mr R.

Ravi Kumar (Mumbai) This book, quite simply, would never have been realised without the assistance of a number of people within the British Film Institute (Richard Paterson, Bridget Kinally and Imdad Hussain), London, and the National Film Archive of India, Pune.

Our focus was then on the history of Indian cinema, especially on its relatively less chronicled periods: the silent era, the early years of sound, the major directors, stars, writers and composers who were noted figures in their times but often forgotten by subsequent generations.

Furthermore, the territorial unity that can readily, though abusively, be imagined for German, French, US or Japanese cinemas and literatures, cannot be fantasised for India without restricting the terrain and the period to an absurdly small fragment of what should be addressed if we are to make any kind of sense of the cultural productions at issue.Indian Cinema Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema Encyclopaedia ASHISH RAJ A D H YAKS H A / P AU L WILLE ME N BFI PUBLISHING OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS New Delhi 1998 Produced in association with the National Film Achive of India of First published in 1994 by the British Film Institute 21 Stephen Street, London W1P 1PL and Oxford University Press YMCA Library Building, Jai Singh Road Post Box 43, New Delhi 110001 The British Film Institute exists to encourage the development of film, television and video in the United Kingdom, and to promote knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the culture of the moving image. A special thank you, at the end of a long journey, to all the contributors of this book. It must be remembered in this context that second edition of the Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema.Its activities include the National Film and Television Archive; the National Film Theatre; the Museum of the Moving Image; the London Film Festival; the production and distribution of film and video; funding and support for regional activities; Library and Information Services; Stills, Posters and Design; Research, Publishing and Education; and the monthly Sight and Sound magazine. Most of them worked on it in their spare time, while holding down full-time jobs as bureaucrats, teachers, journalists or researchers in areas other than the cinema, which makes their involvement, their labour and their patience all the more valuable. The book’s some 23 million Indians go to the movies every day, that a goodly indices, filmographies and film entries have now been brought up percentage of these would consider themselves, validly, authorities on to 1995.To these readers, and to the dozens of reviewers of the first edition in India, Pakistan, Britain, Australia and the USA who also came up with often useful responses, our sincere gratitude.nowhere near the end, we believe in all this that we have taken a major Our gratitude especially extends to the team that assembled the first step towards that elusive category ‘definitive’. We also welcome to the team When we handed over the first edition to the publishers in mid-1994, all those who had worked on the book were aware of the priorities of its time.

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