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Mobile number hacking online dating

), I keep ending up with new Facebook accounts I can just log into. Okay, so the likelihood of there being another person out there happening to check their new phone number to see if they can steal a Facebook account that happens to be yours is pretty low.But random curious people like me aren’t the people who hack accounts, hackers and scammers are.For example, if a number has a new owner and they use it to log into Facebook, it could trigger a Facebook password reset.If that number is still associated with a user’s Facebook account, the person who now has that number could then take over the account.I did this without ever knowing the person, touching their stuff, or being anywhere physically close to them. See, Facebook lets you add phone numbers to your account, probably as a way of letting your friends know how they can contact you other than Whats App or Messenger or Snapchat or Hangouts or whatever.But Facebook also lets you use phone numbers as recovery options, just like an email address.Okay, I don’t need to explain to you that having your account hacked is less than ideal. Great, except you can’t use that key to break into the house of say, your ex.So, what are the chances of somebody randomly getting your old phone number and hacking your account?

And because I keep buying new SIM cards and changing numbers all the time (for legitimate reasons, I promise!

And believe me, there’s a lot of money to be made stealing accounts.

My Vo IP carrier Freedom Pop lets me change my number whenever I want, as long as I pay each time for the privilege.

Facebook texts me a code, I enter it, and I’m logged in.

so that’d he’d never know I logged into his account. It’s like picking up a house key on the street that can teleport you to its house and let you in.

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After the port from Freedom Pop went through, my T-Mobile number became the Freedom Pop phone number, so I lost the old number and access to that guy’s Facebook account.

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