Mixbooth online dating

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Mixbooth online dating

Masquerade is termed as “Video Selfies” for it enables you to record small clips of your digitally edited face either swapped with friends or with celebrity face masks and other digital effects.Available for both Android and i OS users and one of the best face swapping apps, it is a must-have on your smartphone.It gets even better (think mildly horrifying) when you get your favorite pet or beloved toddler to participate.

They let you edit and improve photos, or play around just for fun. Start again.) Okay, with Collage Creator Lite you can create a collage of your favourite photos. With Color Splurge you can give your photos an unusual look. The most fun you can have with your phone that doesn't involve a trip to A&E or the loss of your job. Paper Camera provides, aside from a funky interface, a range of real-time filter effects which can also be added to existing photos.

It's a ripoff and you shouldn't waste your money on it.

I only gave it 1 star cause they don't allow you to give zero. It's extremely misleading and EVERYTHING costs except downloading it.

What more, you can swap your friend’s face in real time!

All you need is to get you and your friend in the camera frame and voila!

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Mix it with that of your favorite celebrity and enjoy the result.