Is jonathan rhys meyers dating anyone

Posted by / 12-Mar-2016 20:05

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and longtime love Mara Lane welcomed their son Wolf into the world earlier this year and they look like an adorable family in this new photo!In a series of posts to her Instagram, Mara revealed that she and Jonathan are now a married couple and she also praised her hubby for helping with their son’s home birth. Ridiculously loving, super protective, patient and attentive.

He apparently knew people in the theater world and mentioned being at a dinner where Ioan and Matthew attended. R74, Timothy Dalton and Michael York have long been rumored to be bi or gay.

Mara celebrated Midwife Day by opening up about her at-home birth, which happened in under three hours.

“Wolf was born in his caul sak (like his Mama was) so…

However, he admits that he finds them so tiring he does not want to enjoy any romantic activities once he is home.“I’m telling you, you do two days of shooting sex scenes on a film set, you’ll be exhausted after it.

You’ll get back to your partner, you won’t wanna touch them.

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