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A fierce debate has broken out among people who have seen the reputed robot with many believing it must be a person, while others think she is the genuine article.

The upcoming game for PS4 allows players to travel to the near-future metropolis of Detroit.

An incredibly 'life-like' android appears to show how the line between woman and machine is starting to disappear.

Footage captured at this year's Tokyo Game Show has already amassed three million views on one video-sharing platform alone, but not everyone believes their eyes.

She was so convincing, or perhaps robots are so lifelike, that people believed her.'The plot of 'Detroit: Become Human', set for release in 2018, revolves around android Kara, who escapes the factory where she was made.Video footage shows stunning build detail on her face (left) and in the movements of her limbs (right)The upcoming game allows players to travel to the near-future metropolis of Detroit.The alleged automaton, which some social media users have even admitted to 'falling in love' with the 'pretty' machine, was at the Japanese games convention to promote a Play Station 4 game.A number of Japanese-made and international games are on display at the convention, which has been held annually for the last 21 years.

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I’ll let everyone know once I’m up and on the air (at least legally now). This app is pitched for remodelers, but could be pretty useful for any of you looking at using the sun more effectively…

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