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Bobbi ann bronson dating profile

When her Hollywood career ended, she ventured into private business.

She was briefly a co-producer of industrial shows, before starting a new career as a real estate broker.

She appeared five times on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, portraying five separate girlfriends for the titular character between 19. From September 1967 until March 1968, Craig appeared in her highest-profile role as Batgirl for the third and final season of the 1960s ABC TV series Batman. In the PSA, Batman and Robin were tied to a post amid the threat of a ticking time bomb, but Batgirl refused to release them because she was paid less than Robin, in violation of the Federal Equal Pay Law.

She played Jo, a young phototographer with Charles Bronson in "Man With a Camera" in 1960. As Batgirl she wore a purple and yellow outfit and rode a "purple motorcycle with white lace trim", Craig reprised her Batgirl role in a 1974 public service announcement for equal pay for women sponsored by the U. The PSA was Written and Directed by Sidney Galanty, and narrated by William Dozier, who had narrated the Batman TV series.

Parents, friends, teachers, pretty much everyone seems to have their opinion on how they should live.

So when people from that community start getting attacked and then murdered, Catherine feels she has to do something to stop it.

From 2009 to 2011, she voiced "Grandma" on the animated children's show Olivia.

One of her earliest television roles was in an episode of the TV series Perry Mason ("The Case of the Lazy Lover", 1958) alongside Neil Hamilton, who played her stepfather (later Hamilton played police Commissioner James Gordon, Batgirl's father).

Readers are exhorted to discover, develop, deploy and maximi The LGBTQ rainbow covers people from all walks of life.

Catherine and her friends all have to struggle for acceptance in their own lives.

She also starred in the 1966 cult sci-fi film Mars Needs Women and appeared in In Like Flint (1967) as a Russian ballet dancer opposite James Coburn. She appeared in an episode of The Big Valley with Lee Majors and Barbara Stanwyck. Muir ("Haunted Honeymoon"), she played Gladys Zimmerman, a bride-to-be who was stranded overnight at Gull Cottage.

During the 1960s, Craig regularly appeared in television drama series. ("The Brain-Killer Affair", 1965), she helps solve the mystery of a brain-endangering poison. In a 1970 episode of Land of the Giants ("Wild Journey"), she played one-half of a humanoid, time-observing duo (alongside Bruce Dern) who chase two of the Earth castaways (series stars Gary Conway and Don Marshall) into the past, ultimately forcing them to relive the flight that sent them to the giants' planet.

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In 1973 she appeared in a first season episode of Kojak ("Dark Sunday") and in 1977 made a guest appearance in The Six Million Dollar Man.

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