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Punctuation includes a comma, period, colon, as well as marks to introduce and end section of a text.

Musical notation uses letter-like symbols and diacritical marks in order to indicate metrical information.

three layers), preservation of combination (watek ksatriya, Balinese numerals are written in the same manner as Hindu numerals.For example, 25 is written with the Balinese numbers 2 and 5.If the number is written in the middle of a text, carik has to be written before and after the number to differentiate it from the text.The script is a descendant of the Brahmi script, and so has many similarities with the modern scripts of South and Southeast Asia.The Balinese script, along with the Javanese script, is considered the most elaborate and ornate among Brahmic scripts of Southeast Asia.

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The consonants can be arranged into Sanskrit order and hanacaraka traditional order.

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