Adult chat ire room

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Adult chat ire room

Sorry.’As she trailed off, smiling bashfully and a little uncertainly, I couldn’t help but laugh. Peaches’ younger sister Pixie suggested the impulsive wedding was a cry for help, while others have claimed it was a publicity stunt to promote Drummey’s band’s new album.Last week, Peaches joined her new husband for the first time in eight days when she went to his gig in Manchester – though her wedding ring was conspicuously absent.In the event, another member of the team made the first move, so as not to risk stalling at the first hurdle.Lengthy pitches were submitted but, after a month, the only positive feedback was that Peaches herself seemed keen to kick off her planned journalism career with us.More importantly, I felt she would provide readers with a controversial point of view.Creating informed debate was part of what ELLEgirl was all about and, so far, Peaches had impressive form.It was 11am and Peaches Geldof was now a full two hours late for her first photoshoot. ‘Passenger on board’ meant the shoot was back on track. A few minutes later, she appeared at the studio door with a posse of giggling friends, uniformly turned out with long hair, skinny jeans and ballet pumps.The team’s frustration was matched only by my nerves as I rang Peaches’ home number yet again. A car had been outside her house since 9am to bring her to the studio just five minutes around the corner. ‘Hi,’ Peaches said, self-consciously playing with her hair and swinging her bag.

But, ironically, in tying the knot so unexpectedly she ended up aping the actions of Britney Spears, a celebrity she’d previously deemed as ‘totally uncool’.

Until one day when, out of the blue, Bob phoned up.

As the call came in, an excited hush fell over the office.

On the red carpet: Peaches Geldof poses for the cameras at a premiere Despite the driver knocking on her door several times, and my phone calls, she hadn’t shown up. My anger disappeared in a flash, and around me I could feel the team melt, too. Either way, fast forward five years and that naive young schoolgirl was a far cry from the infamous party girl who recently collapsed after an alleged drugs overdose and three weeks ago had a quickie Las Vegas wedding to American musician Max Drummey, her boyfriend of just four weeks.

My euphoria only a matter of days ago at signing her up as ELLEgirl’s first columnist in December 2003 was now a distant memory and the hard slog of negotiations with her father, Sir Bob, seemed all in vain. She looked so – well – young.‘We wondered what had happened to you,’ I said.‘Yah, well, my Dad’s away and we, like, had a party last night,’ she said, laconically. Dad’s coming back today and we had to clear up or he would have, like, gone mental. The marriage, of which Sir Bob was apparently unaware until two hours before the ceremony, did not go down well at home – though her father is now said to have given it his blessing.

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