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The Mean Residence Time (MRT) of groundwater is an important factor for the development of hydrogeological concepts influencing the origin, recharge and exchange with the aquifer rocks.

In addition, contamination and risk assessment depend strongly on the estimated residence of groundwater.

With the new portable sampling system, the time for on-site sampling is typically less than one hour.

The same sampling and atom-trap apparatuses are also used to analyze 85Kr (half-life 11 yr) to trace young groundwater.

Abstracts in recent Red Books, and full papers in Red Books 1 to 320 ( except 24, 25, 26 and 50), are available to view/download as pdfs. Blue Books use the 'Category' option in the Search area.

During this period the Kr atoms in the laser beam are focussed and slowed and then trapped in an MOT (magneto optical trap) where they are held in place for an average of 1.8 seconds.Once the Kr atom is in the MOT it fluoresces as it returns to its original state.This fluorescence is detected by a camera which is sensitive enough to detect the emission from a single atom (Figure 5)! The observed reduction of isotope ratios in the groundwater samples can then be interpreted as being due to radioactive decay since recharge.This results in respective groundwater ages of: (4.02±0.51)×10Kr signal from large groundwater samples.

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ATTA can also be used for the short-lived isotope krypton-85 (half-life: 10.8 years).

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