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Of Data 2 The GLW model runs at 03z, 09z, 15z and 21z.

The average total data volume will be approximately 480 MB per day, with 120 MB per four cycles.

Now, over a year and a half later, the sequel is finally complete!The sizes of the CG4 grid messages are approximately 1 MB per WFO. The sizes of the CG5 grid messages are 3 MB per WFO.The total volume (22 coastal WFOs) for all resolution files is approximately 1.5 GB per cycle, 2 times per day.The parameters associated with the messages at these resolutions are: Q - Wind Speed R - Wind Direction Z - Current speed Z - Current direction Z - Water level C - Wave Height D - Water Depth J - Peak Frequency/Period K - Peak Direction Z - Wave Length Z - Wave height of swell waves O - Partitioned swell wave height Y - Partitioned swell peak period P - Partitioned swell mean direction Data volume will vary, depending on coastal WFO.The average total data volume is approximately 65 MB per cycle, 2 times per day, for each of the 22 coastal WFOs.

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Not only is this game three times as long as the first, but it includes lots of new features and improvements, such as interactive dialogue choices, an improved inventory system, more challenging puzzles, better graphics, more varied music, less linearity, and other things that I can't remember at the moment!